Luke 22 – WHAT the disciples could not know is that even while he encompassed them in this simple memorial, his eyes were lifted beyond them down the years that were to be; towards disciples gathered in caves with Roman soldiers dogging their steps; towards men and women dying in the mountains with his Name upon their lips; towards a faithful remnant struggling to keep the faith in a closing age of folly and darkness. He saw countless disciples down the years and over the world, humble disciples who lived and died unknown. He saw them living out their little lives with their hopes and their fears, their struggles and their failures, their prayers and their victories. He came quietly to them with his invitation, “With desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer”. And in humble earnestness had come their answer, “With desire we desire to meet at thy table, Lord”. And so obediently they came, they remembered, they loved, they went back to their tasks inspired by his presence, resolved to struggle on. Eventually they died, faithful to the end, not having received the promise but having seen it afar off.

MELVA PURKIS, A Life of Jesus, pages 322,323.