Luke 18 – THE crisis will come at last, and it may come any moment. The slave of instinct has to give it up and everything. He has to lie down and die; he has to take time to do that, although he could spare so little for Christ; and then where are the wealth and the honour, and all the fine things that he has set his heart upon? All gone; nothing left behind – absolutely nothing! He goes to corruption; he descends to the grave without a hope. Having laid up no treasure in heaven, he is buried a spiritual bankrupt, for whom there is no prospect but tribulation and wrath and anguish. That is a fine harvest for a man to reap! That is a fine result for a man to work so hard, and so diligently and so skilfully for! Dangerous! dangerous! dangerous! to put off Christ with the idea that we are going to do differently “by-and-by”. We don’t know whether we will have a “by-and-by” to do different in. The only time we can reckon upon is the present; and that time is not our own at all if we are Christ’s.

ROBERT ROBERTS, Seasons of Comfort, page 66.