Luke 20 – MEN were engaged in the building of a house for the accommodation of the government of a state. They had made their plans, and were gathering the material. Many were engaged in the work; but as was usual in the East, the master-builders alone knew the plans and others worked to their directions. In every worth-while building, just above ground level at the principal corner, a special stone was placed. It was selected for its freedom from flaws, and was carefully prepared – its sides being accurately squared. It was, more than any other stone in the building, a “tried stone”. All other stones would be built in alignment with it.

A stone was offered the master-builders about which exceptional claims were made. The stone was examined, but certain prejudices in the builders prevented them from discerning its qualities. They rejected it. But another Master-builder knew of the stone and its perfect suitability for a building he was erecting. He obtained the stone, and it was placed in a structure of unique characteristics. The building was erected in line with the stone, and men marvelled at the beauty and grace of the building.

JOHN CARTER, Parables of the Messiah, pages 150,151.