Luke 8 – THE passage over the sea to the distant shore is the disciples’ journey through life. The frail boat that undertakes the crossing is the human heart. But Christ is there. His protecting influence will remain however sudden the storms, however dark the night. But he will not be awakened by the fury of the gale nor the shudder of the boat. Only the voice of the disciples will rouse him. Then he will bring peace into the heart and save the life from disaster.

The memory of the disciples working feverishly to save themselves, with fear in their eyes and despair in their hearts, should be a warning of our own insufficiency; and the sublime picture of the Master sleeping peacefully amid the raging storm should be an abiding incentive to a living faith in him who “stilleth the roaring of the seas, the roaring of the waves, and the tumult of the peoples”.

MELVA PURKIS, A Life of Jesus, page 172.