Pilate was the most powerful man in Israel in the days of Jesus. But he was strangely helpless in carrying out his desire to let Jesus go free. He said “I find no guilt in this man” (Luke 23:4) and “nothing deserving of death has been done by him” (verse 15). “I will release him” (verse 16, 22). After all these declarations it is strange how Pilate gives in. When we compare the various gospel records we get a clear picture – a key issue being that Jesus was claiming kingship. Pilate queried him on this, but said Jesus, “My kingdom is not of this world (or age)”.

So Pilate, the most powerful man, was indifferent to truth and justice and gave in to the demands that Jesus should be crucified; biased and prejudiced men got their way. There is a parallel today with insistent voices of the atheistic and agnostic intellectual leaders – and they are getting really loud! The majority of these argue that evolution is true; that there is no God. These are no better than the Jewish leaders in the time of Jesus who blinded their minds to the heavenly power of Jesus.

When you add the evidence of history together with the testimonies in the Bible the thinking mind becomes certain that Jesus did rise from the dead and equally certain that he is the coming king. Just as the resurrection of Jesus astonished the Jewish leaders – and those still alive suffered their deserved fate in the later destruction of Jerusalem, even so, the return of Jesus will astonish the world – and those who do not believe and are not ready for his coming, will perish, but only after they have seen the folly of their beliefs.

What do we believe? Are we influenced by the spirit that surrounds us, as Pilate was? If we are, it is clear we are not ready for Christ’s coming. We cannot take a ‘wait and see’ attitude, a decision has to made as to where we stand.

Oh, yes, this life is very interesting and exciting! Has the world made us helpless, a prisoner to all the distracting voices and activities – so that the atheistic opinions so strongly voiced that surround us dull our minds? It cannot be too long before Christ’s kingdom is a reality! Will you be there? Let us fully realize we make the answer now.