That is not an inviting title for a thought is it! Solomon observes in Ecclesiastes that “the heart … of man is fully set to do evil …” because the “sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily” (8:11). It made us think of the protracted system of justice today. As each year passes the hearts of humans are more focused on self-centred ways of living with any thought of there being a God vanishing out of their minds.

How true it is that “man’s trouble lies heavy upon him” (verse 6) – and it’s going to get heavier. Written near the end of his life, Solomon appears to be in a depressed but honest state of mind. Despite all his wise sayings and wisdom, the nation he ruled is not in a good state – and disaster will soon follow after his death. How does this compare with today – as genuine study and belief in the Bible is nearly dead?

There are some comparisons with the history lesson Stephen gave the religious leaders in Jerusalem after they arrested him. We read this in Acts 7 and note how they missed his point – and stoned him to death. His lesson was about the actions of God in interfering at different times in past events in Israel – so as to bring about His purpose. The hearts of His hearers had been “fully set to do evil” – and so they crucified their Messiah – and now they stone Stephen to death.

Consider how God acts to bring good out of human evil! Think of the events that followed. Even more, we need to think of our own troubled times. We are on the threshold of God’s ultimate dramatic act – to deal with evil – and shock a world that is “fully set to do evil”. How blind our world has become – few consider the possibility that there is a God, especially a God who sees all and knows all.

We have no Apostles to challenge us – only Bibles – but most of these are simply gathering dust! Is yours? There is no point in reading unless they provoke us to action to set our feet on the narrow way, for, said Jesus, “the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction …” (Matthew 6:13) – and the time of destruction appears to be fearfully close.