Our world is one of people without roots – people who are restless, ever looking for new experiences. Until Covid struck we were building ever larger airports to cope with all the travellers, the hotel trade was booming, and the god “Mammon” is worshipped. One day soon it will fall on its knees like Dagon (1 Samuel 5). Daniel wrote that “at the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase” (12:4).

In Matthew chapter 13 there are 8 parables, stories with a moral. The disciples ask Jesus for explanations. One familiar parable is the story of the scattering of the seed (God’s word) on different types of ground. One type is “rocky ground, where they (the seeds) had no depth of soil, and immediately they sprang up” (verse 5). Jesus explains this refers to “the one who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy, yet he (or she) has no root in himself, but endures for a while …” (verses 20,21).

Sadly there are examples of this, individuals who are converted and are at first enthusiastic for God’s word, but who fail to develop a root system for the seed to obtain nutrients and keep growing. How many have received seed and were at first joyful about it, but that joy soon faded as they failed to develop any root system for the plant to develop.

God’s word provides an abundance of nutrients so that we can develop spiritual roots. How much time do we spend each day eating physical food? Three meals a day in most cases. And spiritual food? Do you take a packed lunch to work or school or wherever? Any spiritual snacks?

We hope our thoughts provide at least a snack each day – one that makes you hunger in your mind for more so that you make sure at least one good spiritual meal occurs at some stage. Today’s parables provide lots of food for thought. A “harvest time” is coming when the Lord “will tell the reapers … gather the wheat into my barn” (verse 30). Let’s be ready for harvest.